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Converting/Integrating ASP.NET Application with DotNetNuke. Options available?

30 Mar

The question has appeared multiple times recently regarding methods to convert a standard ASP.NET application into a DotNetNuke module as well as options to “integrate” an existing ASP.NET website into DotNetNuke. This concept is very complicated for many individuals to follow and below I will discuss the options available to those looking to either integrate solutions or to create new DotNetNuke modules from existing applications.

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Urgent Forum Security Information (DotNetNuke Core Forum)

29 Mar

As you all have noticed from my post above today I identified an issue with a javascript exploit on the forums module. This blog will give you step-by-step instructions on a few simple additions to the word filter that should prevent you from being affected by the exploit.

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Logging ASP.NET Application Restarts

15 Mar

Like many ASP.NET programmers I utilize a third party hosting company to host all of my sites. We have all ran into situations where we have been loosing sessions and other oddities and it would be very helpful to find out exactly what caused the application to restart. Well thanks to this post on by Frankt I have found a way to track this information. In this entry I will provide you with code that can obtain this information

tags: DNN, ASP.NET, .NET 1.1, .NET 2.0

Restoring or Moving a DNN Installation (From backup files)

11 Mar

This tutorial is a followup to my DNN backup tutorial. This document will discuss how you can restore your DNN site from your database .bak file and your DotNetNuke .zip file. This could be to either restore a damaged DNN installation or to move a DNN installation to a new server.

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Manually Migrating Users (3.3.5 -> 4.4.1) Revisited

11 Mar

This blog post is actually a revisit regarding the manual migration of users from DNN 3.3.5 -> 4.4.1. I am revisiting this topic due to some script errors that individuals have noted experiencing while migrating user accounts. If you are migrating to a clean installation of 4.4.1 you shouldn't have any troubles using the old blog post. This new posting simply adds additional duplicate checking to ensure that the copied user accounts do not exist in the destination database. Added sections to the scripts will be noted with a comment prior to the entry in the WHERE clause.  Please NOTE this SHOULD prevent the number of script errors encountered when trying to merge records into an existing database but it CANNOT be considered a perfect match.  If migrating into a heavily used new database you will need to take a different approach with the DNN users and user

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How to create a backup of DNN and the database

09 Mar

Another very common question that I see regarding DotNetNuke is when and how should I backup my DotNetNuke site. This topic is VERY important and requires a bit of planning, especially if you do not have direct access to your database server to perform your own backups. In the following sections I will first talk about what you must backup and why some of those items are very important. I will then discuss how to perform a DNN backup and SQL Server backup, both for SQL 2000 and 2005. Finally I will discuss options available for third party modules for performing backups for individuals that do not have direct access to their servers.

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Manually Uploading/Inserting Documents to the Repository

07 Mar

I have seen a number of requests by individuals to know how to manually upload a document and have it inserted in the repository. The following tutorial will show you how to manually upload a file to a repository. The following procedures have been tested using DNN 4.4.1 and Repository 3.01.10.

tags: DNN, Tutorials

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