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Major Set of Releases

24 Sep

Today my business sent out an e-mail to all newsletter subscribers about the most recent set of free module releases. This is my final cross-post of this information here on the blog, if you wish to stay up to date, please visit the IowaComputerGurus Newsletters page to subscribe.

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Backing up a DNN Site

15 Sep

DotNetNuke site administrators often are tasked with maintaining their sites as well as ensuring that a proper backup/recovery plan is in place.  An important part of this is to have a proper site backup, therefore I am re-visiting my two previous versions of backup guides in this updated article.  I will walk though the items needed for backup, and considerations when creating the backup, specifically if you are looking to migrate a site to a different server.  I will then discuss the process to create a backup in both SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005, and lastly I will quickly touch on the third party options available for performing site backups. 

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Using the AJAX Control Toolkit in DotNetNuke

13 Sep

I find that web development projects are requiring more and more AJAX functionality. The bells and whistles that come with AJAX are hard things for many people to live without. One of the more common toolsets to use when working with AJAX items in the .NET environment is the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit. I have found that with VERY minimal effort you can fully implement the toolkit inside a DNN installation and it can even be done WITHOUT modification to the web.config file. This blog entry will provide information on how to incorporate the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit into your project. I will simply discuss the DNN implementation, I am NOT going to actually discuss the usage of any specific control.

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Creating Random SQL Server Test Data

12 Sep

Recently I was tasked with the creation of a large database system that consisted of a database table with 5 date columns, and a varchar primary key. This table was to hold upwards of 3.5 million records, and I needed to know exactly how much disk space was going to be needed to store not only the database, but also the index required to facilitate the search requirements. After looking for a number of different ways to do this, and many free third party tools I decided that the most simple way to do this with the tools that I had available was to generate my own method to populate a test database.

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Installing DotNetNuke 4.9.0 on a Remote Host

11 Sep

This is my fifth revision of a DotNetNuke remote hosting provider installation tutorial.  This tutorial will provide you the basic overview of how to perform a clean installation of DotNetNuke 4.9.0 on a remote web hosting provider.  In the article I will try to point out the most common differences between different hosting providers, I will also be providing specific examples regarding the use of the Plesk control panel which is what my preferred hosting provider (3Essentials) uses.  All steps within this tutorial are promised to work with 3Essentials hosting, others are most likely possible, but have not been fully confirmed with the provider.  Additionally this guide is geared towards a manual instlalation at the root of the site, which is not supported by all hosting providers.

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Installing DotNetNuke 4.9.0 Locally (Non-Vista)

11 Sep

Installing DotNetNuke can be somewhat difficult at times, therefore I am writing this article to give you a full step by step guide to installing DotNetNuke on a Windows XP Pro system. The instructions are similar for Windows 2000 but might vary slightly, I have tried to note as many differences as possible. Windows Vista installation is similar but requires a few different steps relating to IIS.  This guide is my eighth revision and includes additional steps and information based on feedback from previous versions.  Additionally a few new instructions and notes have been provided for users installing on Windows 2003 Server to address a few common "stumbling blocks" that have prevented successful installations.

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Why and How I Partner

07 Sep

Over the past few weeks since I announced that my company, IowaComputerGurus Inc. was going to be an exhibitor at OpenForce ’08 this November I have been asked a few questions by the community.  I feel that the answers to these questions are items that should be aired publicly; therefore I am posting this information here for all to see.  The two questions that have been coming up quite a bit recently are; Why are you sharing a booth with Seablick Consulting, and How do you choose your business partners.  I will start by addressing the second question, and returning to answer the first.

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Upgrade to DNN 4.9.0 from 4.6.2 or Later

04 Sep

I have previously blogged about the streamlined upgrade process that can be used to upgrade sites starting with version 4.6.2 and later.  With the upcoming release of DotNetNuke 4.9.0 (targeted for next week) I thought I would take some time to get all of my installation guides updated, with the most current information to ensure that everyone was ready for the new version as soon as it comes out.  Given the enhancements provided to the core in 4.6.2 the upgrade process from this version and later is VERY simple!  The following two step process will help you upgrade to your site to the most current version.  Instructions are also included regarding items of consideration for users in shared hosting environments.

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