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Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview to Samsung Series 7 Slate 

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Others have blogged about this, for example Brad Wilson Blogged about using the Developer Preview that was released at BUILD last year.  I used his tutorial as a stepping point to get my install up and running. In this post I'll go through the process that I went through to get the Community Preview up and running.


Visual Studio 11 Caller Member Info Attributes 

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If you have been paying attention to what is going on in the Microsoft Community today you will notice is a big day.  Visual Studio 11 Beta as well as Windows 8 Consumer Preview were both released this morning, for those of us developers it means tons of new tools to try out and lots of new functionality that we can use in our applications as well as productivity and language improvements with.NET 4.5.  With this, I'm starting a new blog series highlighting some of the new items that I find helpful, cool, or otherwise interesting with VS 11 Development.  Today's installment talks about Caller Member Info Attributes.


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