2013 a Year In Review

01 Jan

For the last 4 or 5 years I've done a year-in-review post to summarize technology happenings from the prior year as well as to help set a path into the following year.  Therefore, lets take a look back at 2013 and prepare to leap into 2014!

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2012 Year In Review

31 Dec

It is hard to believe that yet another year has passed and it is time for me to be writing another "Year in Review" post here on  It seems that each year the time goes by faster and faster.  2012 was most likely one of the fastest paced years for me professionally as there were a lot of changes and as such this blog has suffered a little bit.  As I look back at 2012 I will also share some important notes about 2013!

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DotNetNuke World Review and MVP

30 Oct

So first of all, I'll admit I'm a bit late to the game here getting this post put together, as DotNetNuke World was almost three weeks ago.  Sadly combined with two major site launches, some travel and other things the blog just hasn't gotten the attention that it deserved.  But better late than never I thought so here it goes!

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Windows Updates, Monitoring, and ASP.NET...Oops!

12 Apr

For those of you that are regular readers of this blog you will know that outages of the site are very, very rare with the past year showing almost 99.9% up time.  Well if you were around here this AM you will know that the record for up time was killed, with the sites being down almost 10 hours today.  In this post I'll talk a little about my experience with this as I know a number of other people across the world have experienced similar issues this morning based on my conversations with a few of them.

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2011 Year in Review and a look at 2012

08 Jan

Over the last few years I have been trying to keep a little bit better track of usage of the content here on as well as just keeping track of other interactions that I have through User Groups, Open Source Projects, and the like. Each year around the end of the year I try to compile a few of these items, if not for everyone that is reading things here for myself to see how things progress year to year.

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2010 Year in Review and 2011 Preview

03 Jan

It has been a little over two years since I did a "year in review" post, the last was completed in 2008.  I thought that it would be a good idea to start of 2011 with a review of the previous years and the items that I am proud of from the past year.  I'll then give an introduction into my plans for 2011 and the future of this blog.


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Upcoming Posts: Share Your Opinion

12 Oct

As I have blogged about in the past I have a big queue of potential blog postings that I have been looking at writing.  Although I haven't had many recent updates I am looking to improve on this and get more content out here.

Before I just start firing off new posts from my almost 1.5 year old listing of potential topics I wanted to gather some community input in regards to the topics that are published on this blog and to accept recommendations on what should be next.

I would greatly appreciate it if you can fill out this short 5 question survey. Feel free to share this link with others as well


Want a Free MSDN Ultimate Subscription?

13 Jul

Like other Microsoft MVPs I have been given a few MSDN Ultimate licenses that I can give away to individuals that I feel are deserving of it.  I have been arguing with myself for a while now about how to best determine who should receive the license, and have came up with a contest to give one license away to a reader of this blog. 

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Future Blogging on

18 Feb

Over the next few weeks you will see a much larger effort for me to get back to this blog and getting new content out. In addition, I have made a few category additions and changes with hopes of expanding the content of this blog a bit more. There will still be plenty of DotNetNuke related content, but I am going to try and get more content in the C# and Visual Studio areas, trying to share some tips and tricks that I use on a daily basis to help speed the development process. The following is a quick list of topics that I am working on, and will be getting posted soon, these are NOT listed in any order, so they could appear in random intervals. If you have other suggestions, please post them to the comments.

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So you moved sites again?

11 May

As many people caught on the other day via Twitter I have moved my sites to a different hosting provider again.  One of the first questions I got before was "why did you move" or "did you have a problem with your existing host?".  I want to start off by saying that I do NOT have any issues with my old hosting provider, and that if it was not for special circumstances I would still be with them.  In this article, I'll lay out my hosting experience, and give everyone some insight in to what happens behind the scenes when I make hosting decisions.

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Site Upgrades and Performance Improvements

14 Feb

Those that frequent this site and the other sites that I operate might have noticed some periods of service interruptions over the past 2-3 days as I have been working on some infrastructure upgrades for our collections of sites.  As part of this, it was my goal to improve the "average load times" of various pages of my DotNetNue sites.  As many people will note, they have been pretty fast before, but that just wasn't good enough for me.

So, now I'm proud to say that I'm done with all of the major changes and the functionality of all sites should now be stable, I've love to get some opinions of those regular users/visitors of my sites to see if they can confirm the improvements. 

View the full article for a listing of sites affected as well as benchmark information that I have.

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My Community Involvement

23 Oct

The other day I was reading Antonio Chagoury's blog and came across one of his recent postings "Just In Case You're Not Keeping Tabs" and it got me thinking. I just got done filling out a few forms where I needed to list my community involvement, and much like Antonio I had a hard time sitting down and really coming up with the list of everything that I do on a volunteer basis. So I though I'd do something similar to what Antonio did and post my list here. I know I'm missing items, so if you know of something I'm leaving out, let me know!

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Why and How I Partner

07 Sep

Over the past few weeks since I announced that my company, IowaComputerGurus Inc. was going to be an exhibitor at OpenForce ’08 this November I have been asked a few questions by the community.  I feel that the answers to these questions are items that should be aired publicly; therefore I am posting this information here for all to see.  The two questions that have been coming up quite a bit recently are; Why are you sharing a booth with Seablick Consulting, and How do you choose your business partners.  I will start by addressing the second question, and returning to answer the first.

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No More Google Ads

12 Aug

This is just an update to regular visitors of this site, as of this morning Google AdSense ads have been removed from this site entirely.  Due to...


Site Issues Resolved

23 Jul

All site display issues should now be resolved, if anyone is experiencing difficulties with this site and the navigation, please send me an e-mail at ...


Known site issues

21 Jul

To let everyone know I am aware of an issue that currently exists with this site and the navigation menu in FireFox 2 and FireFox 3. I am working wit...


Site Update and Announcement

30 Jun

Well as I'm sure that many of you can notice I have completed the upgrade to this site.  Tonights upgrades resulted in about an hour of downtime due to slow file transfer and network speeds.  However, many improvements have been made.  Please view the full post for details as well as the BIG Announcement!


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Website Skin?

02 Jan

I have been fielding multiple requests a week for information regarding the skinning of my site, including the CSS Nav Menu as well as my skinning of ...


Installing DotNetNuke 4.5.5 on a Hosting Site

06 Sep

In previous articles on this site I have provided tutorials for installing DotNetNuke to a local machine, however, I have never yet approached the topic of installing DotNetNuke to a remote web hosting provider.  I have been asked many times why and the answer is simple; installations to remote hosts are not really standardized as depending on the hosting providers environments the steps to install can differ greatly.  However, due to popular demand I have created this tutorial which will provide you the basic overview of how to perform a clean installation of DotNetNuke on a remote web hosting provider.  In the article I will try to point out the most common areas of difference between different hosting providers, I will also be providing specific examples regarding the use of the Plesk control panel which is what my hosting provider (3Essentials) uses.

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