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Planning Travel: Prepare for Issues

17 Apr

Over the last 18 months or so I have had the pleasure of traveling on a total of around 40 airplanes.  Why so many?  Well I do live in a location that requires a connecting flight to get almost anywhere, in fact my flight to Washington DC just a few weeks ago was the first flight that was direct in well over two years of traveling!  Given this, I have learned quite a few things around travel and how to prepare yourself to get to the destination.  In the end anyone traveling has one end goal; to get to the destination in one piece with all baggage intact.  To help make this possible I've come up with a few proven practices to help when it comes to planning for travel that can help prevent issues, or at minimum help delay the impact of issues.  In this posting I'll review some of these points.

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Personal Blog Kickoff

13 Apr

So for the past almost five years I have been maintaining my technology blog here on this site.  During the time I've been given many great opportunities to travel the world and experience fun destinations.  So I have decided to start up a non-technical blog as well to discuss some of these destinations, travel tips, and more.

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