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13 Apr

So for the past almost five years I have been maintaining my technology blog here on this site.  During the time I've been given many great opportunities to travel the world and experience fun destinations.  So I have decided to start up a non-technical blog as well to discuss some of these destinations and important travel tips I have learned.  There might also be some postings about vehicles as I'll admit I'm a bit of a vehicle nut.

My decision to start this blog was a bit more of an interesting test to see how popular these types of articles/discussions can be.  If you are a follower of mine on Twitter I'm sure you remember various times that I have complained that Delta or some other airline stranded me, delayed me, or suffered some sort of other "trouble".  It is these issues that have really prompted me to start this blog.

So what are you going to see over the upcoming weeks and months?  Well just to give you a sample the following is a list of topics that I have in my "Queue" for this blog.

  • Booking Travel: Plan for Troubles
  • Dealing with Delta Travel Delays, Know Your Options
  • Travel to Canada and Why I'm Always Amazed
  • Amsterdam Why it is one of my favorite travel destinations
  • The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

With that, feel free to share your comments below, I'm looking forward to sharing a bit more about my travels.

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