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Fitness Journey - Three Week Update

19 Jan

Well it has been three weeks since I've started on the better living process so I thought it would be a good time to give a quick update as to how things have been going and what my overall thoughts have been thus far.  For those of you reading that are doing similar things feel free to post about your stories in the comments.

The Good

Well, of the 18 days that have happened since I started down this path I've managed to make it to the gym a total of 11 times.  Although not as much as I'd like, especially due to activities this week, but far better than I had been in the past so I'll consider this a good improvement.  I can tell already some of the differences that this is making both in the cardio and strength categories.

I've also been a lot better watching what foods I've been eating and the quantity of that food.  I'm already starting to feel my body adjust to this new habit which is making it even easier to keep the portions under control.  

In addition to this I am down about 12 pounds since January 1st.  I expected to lose more right off the bat due to the big changes in food and exercise.  I know that things will start to slow down, but it is good to see nice results here at the beginning to keep me motivated.

The Not So Good

This week was a very bad week as some work/teaching commitments that have kept me out of the gym and then I lost two days lost at the gym due to the flu.  However, I'm feeling better now and looking forward to taking things with a vengeance again this coming week.  

As part of this I am working to get my schedule a bit more consistent so that I can make sure that I'm consistent in actually eating meals at the right time and getting to the gym at a decent hour.  This is a true work in progress though as right now it has been hard to pin things down.  

However, overall, I'm very happy with the way things are going.  Thanks to all of you for your support.  I hope that some of my experiences might help others that are doing similar things.  I'll try to post another update on this journey in 2-3 weeks.

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