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Fitness Journey Two Months In A Status Update

03 Mar

Yet again, time seems to just be flying by.  I cannot believe that my last post here was a month ago yesterday.  I'm not exactly sure where the month of February went, but it is done and gone!  February was a busy month with the Microsoft MVP summit and a few other things that have kept me out and about.

Thankfully, I've managed to continue to progress towards my goal, although not nearly at the same rate as last month which is to be expected.  I'm down another 5 or so lbs, for a total loss of about 25 lbs since the Christmas holiday. Although only 5lbs this month I can tell that I'm getting a lot better muscle tone, as my clothes are getting baggy, etc.  

Sadly with as busy as I was in February I didn't get to the gym nearly as much as I hoped to, BUT, I've finally gotten to what appears to be a good place with regards to eating habits, as even when traveling I've been managing to keep portions down, etc.  Which is a BIG achievement.

I'm also continuing to get myself conditions for the 5K run this summer, at least slowly working myself into it!  SO far so good though.  

I'll be posting up some "before" and "After" pictures here at some point in the near future, but trying to find the best ones to use.  As always thanks everyone for the support and I'll continue to try and post updates here along the way!  I'm looking forward to nicer weather where I can actually get outside to get some exercise in rather than always at the gym!

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