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Another Two Months? Really?

19 May

it is hard to believe that yet another two months have passed since the last time I posted an update here.  I've been getting a few questions via e-mail about how my progress is going so I thought it would be good for me to go ahead and post an update out here.  The last two months have been really busy, but I've been keeping up on things, just not necessarily blog posts!  At this point I've hit a bit of a plateau though for the actual weight loss and been seeing more a muscle tone difference more than anything.

At this point I can now say that I'm down to clothing sizes that I haven't worn since most likely 2005 or so.  This is a very good problem to have, but has resulted in me finally going out and getting a bunch of new clothes, which I will not complain too much about other than I hate shopping for clothes!

As I get into the summer months now I'm trying to mix in a bit of exercise outside of the gym as well, taking the dog for walks etc.  Just this week I'm starting to see the weight come off again as well.  My total from January is just about 30 lbs lost overall with a substantial decrease in body fat percentage as well.  My overall total now since beginning the initial journey almost a year and a half ago was just a hair over 66 lbs!

I am still also working towards my first 5K in July which should be exciting!  I'll try to post more regular updates here as well in the coming weeks!  For those of you going on similar journeys I'd love to hear how things are going for you as well

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