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10 Months In? Can't be Already Right?

07 Oct

Looking back at this blog, or even my technical blog I'm not 100% sure where the last 4 or so months have gone.  It seems like just yesterday that I was posting an update after finishing teaching the spring semester.  Now, I find that I'm already well into the fall semester of teaching and scarily the reality of an approaching Iowa winter is finally starting to settle in.  I've had a lot of requests for an update here on the blog and finally I'm getting around to providing the update.

Activity Tracking?

For those of you that are following me on RunKeeper and/or Fitocracy you will notice that I don't have much of anything logged since late May.  No I haven't been that bad, but for whatever reason I've really gotten off of the metrics tracking in the last few months.  I'm working starting this week to get back on to it, so for those that are using RunKeeper and/or Fitocracy feel free to add me!

New Activities

I've been finding with the nice fall weather I've been wanting to do more and more outside.  Walking around on trails etc is a good way to get a bit of exercise in, but without going to actually jogging/running it doesn't provide the kind of cardio that you get with elliptical machines etc.  So this week I've decided to finally get back on the wagon and start bicycling again.  Granted I don't have the longest season left here in Iowa but you have to start somewhere. 

I went for my first ride last night, and it was pretty interesting.  This was the first "real" bicycle ride that I've most likely been on in close to 10 years. But all-in-all it worked out pretty good and I'm looking forward to being able to get a good amount of riding in this year before it gets to cold/snowy!

The Good News

Yes, I've disappeared a bit here and the big question I've been getting all along has been, how is it going towards the goal.  Well that is where the good news has came in, although not good with my exercise habits I have managed to do a good job keeping up on the better eating.  What that means is even with limited cardio/gym activity in the last 2-3 months I've managed to still be at the lowest weight I've been at in over 5 years.  I've still got a bit to goal before I hit my 2013 goal, but it is still something possible.

I know a lot of the readers of this posting are going through similar journeys and I hope that all of you are progressing well towards your individual goals as well!  It seems that 2013 has been the year where many of my friends and family have gotten on the fitness bandwagon.  I will say it feels good so far!  Feel free to share your comments, stories and personal success below.

As the coming months go on I'm going to start increasing the activity on this personal blog to include more travel and other information as well as I work to increase the overall amount of writing that I do.  If you have any topic requests feel free to send them along!

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