Presentation Materials

Presentation Materials

In the sections below you will find summary information as well as specific downloads for content used in various presentations that I have given at past events.  Not all presentations will be available here, but as many as possible will be included.  Check back on a regular basis as I am looking to load a number of previous sessions here that have yet to be published publicly after the events.

All of this information is available for free consumption, however, the content and structure of the presentations should not be used to give your own presentations.  If you would like to re-use portions of entire presentations please Contact Me to get permission before continuing.


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This was a presentation given at DevUp 2016.

Code & Presentation Download

This presentation discusses DotNetNuke™ performance in a slightly different manner than other sessions.  Rather than focusing on the settings and configuration options it focuses on the diagnostic process to identify, isolate, and resolve performance issues.  The following links provide the slides from the presentation as well as links to documents referenced.

Microsoft MVP

INETA Community Speakers Program