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April 27, 2007

DotNetNuke Open Force '07

Today there was a call for speakers on DotNetNuke for the fall OpenForce '07 converence that will be held in Las Vegas in conjunctino with the DevConnections converence.  For those looking for more information on submitting your proposals DotNetNuke has setup a special website for the submission of entries, you can find that here http://www.dotnetnukecorp.com/OpenForce07/tabid/73/Default.aspx

For those of that are interested I did submit my proposed sessions today and I am not ashamed to share this information with the community as I would love to get feedback and would also love the opportunity to speak at this event.  If you are interested in viewing my proposals please click on the "Read More.." link.  On May 22nd DotNetNuke will be announcing the selected proposals.

April 26, 2007

DotNetNuke Core Modules and AJAX (Round 2)

As promised this article is an update with more testing results of DNN core modules and the enabling of AJAX. I will investigate multiple core modules and will provide the test results for each of the modules, regardless of success or failure, to give you an idea of where each of these modules are for potential use of AJAX.

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April 24, 2007

Simple DotNetNuke Performance Improvements

I have been seeing a large number of questions recently regarding DotNetNuke performance and things that can be done to help improve the performance of the site.  Typically these questions surround the SiteLog and EventLog tables so I thought I would post a few simple queries that you can run to help keep your database lean which will keep your DotNetNuke site running at peak performance.

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April 23, 2007

DNN Guestbook 2.2 Released (And AJAX Implementation Info)

I announced via the forums on this website the release of my DotNetNuke Guestbook Module version 2.2 yesterday.  Now I would like to take this time to offically list the promised instructions to fully enable AJAX support for the module.  These items are required to be completed manually due to my previously mentioned bug in the DotNetNuke core regarding the use of the <supportspartialrendering> element within the .dnn files.

To view the instructions click on "Read More..."

April 17, 2007

Changes to DNN Default Templates

I found out today that the DotNetNuke 4.5 distribution provided an updated skin file for the DNN-Blue and DNN-Gray skins.  This modification to t...
April 16, 2007

AJAX and the DotNetNuke Repository

After upgrading my sites to DotNetNuke version 4.5.0 I have decided to start experimenting with the new AJAX support built into the DotNetNuke core. I thought the one of the best ways I could start would be to look into the various core modules that I use on a daily basis and see which of them could successfully handle enabling AJAX and still render appropriate page content. This blog entry provides the detail on my first module modification, the DNN Repository.

EDIT 5/31/2007 - Issues have been identified with this method that do not make it practical in all circumstances!

April 10, 2007

Adding Google Analytics to DotNetNuke

This entry explains an easy method to integrate Google Analytics into your DotNetNuke website using the Text/HTML module without the risk of loosing the integration data due to in-line editing!  Read the full article for the step-by-step instructions!
April 09, 2007

DNN 4.5.0 Missing Dll's

I have noticed on the DotNetNuke.com forums that there are reports of missing DLL files in the install and upgrade versions of the newest release.&nbs...
April 06, 2007

Search DNN Forums With Google

Timo from the DotNetNuke forums has created a very helpful search page that I wanted to share with everyone.  The link is below and the page allo...
April 02, 2007

Changing Skins via Database (Emergency Procedures)

At one point or another it seems that almost everyone accidentally makes a change to a DNN installation that ends up breaking things. One of these situations that I never considered in the past was the accidental application of a skin with errors. I was contacted by someone today that accidentally applied a skin that caused a null reference exception, this caused the entire site to be unavailable. They couldn't access any pages and couldn't get back to the skin admin pages. Well, this lead me to find a method of resolving the issue via the database. In this entry I will describe the steps needed to change the skin to a default skin via the database.

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