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July 27, 2007

Migration of Existing Site to 3Essentials

Recently there have been numerous discussions on the DotNetNuke.com Forums regarding hosting providers and who one should go with and who they should switch to because they are unhappy with their current provider. During all of these discussions I have always recommended the company that I use for hosting 3Essentials. Since making this recommendation I have been receiving numerous e-mails regarding the process to actually migrate a live site over to 3Essentials so I thought I would write a short blog article that explains the basics of moving a website over to 3Essentials, in actuality these instructions SHOULD work for most providers, however there might be some differences.

July 27, 2007

Determing SQL Server Table Size

A common problem that I have recently encountered was trying to identify areas of my website database that were taking up the most physical storage space. At work I maintain a DotNetNuke installation that includes a 4.5 Gb reporting database and I was trying to pinpoint the exact sizes of ALL tables in my database and was having a few problems. I started using the "sp_spaceused" stored procedure but I had to run that for every table, I have over 200 tables in this database and it was just not feasiable for me to do it this way. Therefore I wrote a stored procedure that will perform all needed data calls and will return a result set with the data on all tables. In this post I will share the script as well as a few interesting things I learned while writing it.

July 26, 2007

Upgrade to DotNetNuke 4.5.5 From 4.x

Due to popular request this article is an updated version of my DNN upgrade process.  Below I will walk you through all steps necessary to upgrade your DNN website from a previous 4.x version to the most current version 4.5.5.  This article is the third revision of my upgrade process documents and has been enhanced with user recommended tips as well as includes new recommendations from my experiences installing new versionf of DotNetNuke.

July 26, 2007

Installing DotNetNuke 4.5.5 Locally

Installing DotNetNuke can be somewhat difficult at times, therefore I am writing this article to give you a full step by step guide to installing DotNetNuke on a Windows XP Pro system. The instructions are similar for Windows 2000 and XP Home but might vary slightly, I have tried to note as many differences as possible. Windows Vista installation is similar but requires a few different steps relating to IIS.  This article is a re-visit to my first article of this type geared towards DotNetNuke 4.4.1..

July 23, 2007

Using DotNetNuke Request Filter

DotNetNuke introduced a request filter option starting with DotNetNuke 4.5.3 that can allow you to take action on a user based on various request parameters. In this article I will walk you through how to setup the request filter to filter out requests from a specific IP address and will discuss in general what the settings are. In this example we will be placing a filter to block all traffic from a user with an IP of and we will redirect them to google.com.

July 19, 2007

DNN Foum - Make "My Settings" open to new window

In the last month or so i was working on some modifications to the DotNetNuke forums module to meet some of their customers needs regarding usability. One of these items was to make the "My Settings" link open in a new window rather than moving the user from their current viewing page. This is a small modification that I thought was quite helpfule so I thought I would share the steps necessary to make the change.

July 18, 2007

Fixing DNN Errors that are Related to Search Scheduler

I have noticed a number of posts recently on the DotNetNuke.com forums regarding numerous errors being reported in the event log relating to portal id of -1 and typically with a InnerException of "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: type". This issue can become very annoying and can have an actual effect on your sites performance as when the size of the event log grows you will start to notice performance slow downs. This article will discuss the root cause of the issue and a solution.

July 12, 2007

SEO and Website Visibility/Performance

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a very popular topic among the DotNetNuke community as well as in all other types of web development. I do not claim to be a master in SEO, however, I do have a number of tools that I use to help judge the SEO capacities of my websites and also a number of directories that I utilize to enhance the visibiliy of my website. In this article I will share some of these sites, links, and directories that might help improve your websites search engine placemen and/or popularity/visibility.

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