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February 20, 2008

Selecting a DotNetNuke Hosting Provider

The topic of choosing a hosting provider for DotNetNuke is something that I see appear on a regular basis on the DotNetNuke forums and here on my forums as well.  The way I see it the selection of a hosting provider isn't just about the price, it is something that requires a much more detailed look at what services you get and what services you really need.  You can then balance those to find the right hosting provider for your needs.  As many people are aware I typically direct people towards 3Essentials. In this article I will walk you through my decision process on the items that I look for in a hosting provider, and why I might choose over the other.  Consider this my approach towards Shared Hosting solutions.  These statements in no way are considered official, and you MUST take the time to do your own research to form your own conclusions before making a decision.  Moving hosting providers is not all that complicated, but it is a somewhat complex and time consuming activity and something that you don't want to do unless you have to. 

February 20, 2008

Creating a DotNetNuke SkinObject

A few weeks ago Tom Kraak of Seablick Consulting made a blog post regarding modifications to the core Breadcrumb skin object to prevent the last page in the tree from rendering as a link.  I created two different solutions for him, the first was simply a modification to the core breadcrumb object and was not necessarily the best solution.  The second solution I provided was the creation of a custom skin object, based on the core, but isolated so that it will not be prone to issue with an upgrade.  This tutorial is the promised "overview" of how to create a skin object.  I will not discuss the technical aspect of the modifications that were made to the breadcrumb, but just a general overview of what you actually have to do to create a new skin object.

February 13, 2008

DotNetNuke Scheduler Explained

I have found that many people that work with DotNetNuke sites are often unfamiliar with the various scheduled tasks that are implemented within DotNetNuke.  Is this a bad thing?  It depends, by default the configuration of scheduled tasks will work just fine, but as your site grows there are specific tasks that can become problematic due to the size of the site, resulting in increased resources being used or worse site failure/errors.  This article will discuss each of the default tasks that are included in DotNetNuke, I will describe the function of each and discuss the default schedule and when you should change the schedule.

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