Entries for July 2008

July 23, 2008

Site Issues Resolved

All site display issues should now be resolved, if anyone is experiencing difficulties with this site and the navigation, please send me an e-mail at ...
July 21, 2008

Known site issues

To let everyone know I am aware of an issue that currently exists with this site and the navigation menu in FireFox 2 and FireFox 3. I am working wit...
July 18, 2008

SQL Server Table Size Calculation

In one of my previous blog entries I provided a helpful script that would allow you to find the space used for all SQL Server tables in a single database.  It was a very simple method using the SP_SPACEDUSED stored procedure that is included in SQL Server.  In that article I touched a bit on the general usage for the method.
July 15, 2008

iFinity UrlMaster Module Review

As many of you may have noticed in the past few weeks since I have updated this site that there were a number of major changes.  Improved site performance, new site skin, re-organized content, and most importantly new URL structures.  In this article I will provide a review of the Url Master module created by IFinity, with a detailed account of my experiences with the module and how it helped make recent content changes possible.

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