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August 22, 2008

Exposing a Development Installation of DotNetNuke

Recently I have been fielding a number of questions regarding DotNetNuke development environments and the valid URLs associated with them. People that have been setting up local instances of DotNetNuke for testing or development, then trying to expose the site to a larger group for validation. The process to make this work is very simple, however, for individuals unfamiliar with DotNetNuke settings it can be a bit difficult to determine exactly what needs to change. This post investigates the DotNetNuke concept of Portal Aliases and will show an individual how they can be used to solve this specific business need.

August 17, 2008

Active Forums 4.0 - Testing Review

I have recently been given the opportunity to preview the upcoming Active Forums 4.0 release.  In this starter review I will give my first opinions after working with the module for a short time and experimenting with the new features.  A full review of the module will come after it has been released and I am able to test/work with the full edition.

August 12, 2008

No More Google Ads

This is just an update to regular visitors of this site, as of this morning Google AdSense ads have been removed from this site entirely.  Due to...
August 08, 2008

Using the IN Clause With Stored Procedures

Recently I have been working on creating a dynamic reporting engine for use within the DotNetNuke system, a method to allow for the execution of a stored procedure and the proper display of the results. This includes creating a list of parameters, including dynamically loaded lookup systems and more. Well the most complex item that I have had to condition for was how to deal with filter options that require the use of the SQL IN clause, there are many ways of doing this, but I have found a way that appears to work perfect for my needs, this will be explained in this posting.

August 06, 2008

Locating Historical DotNetNuke Releases

With the high amount of usage of the DotNetNuke upgrade and installation guides that I have posted on this site I see one very common question. Where can I obtain DotNetNuke version ____? Once a release is considered non-current, it becomes slightly harder for individuals to locate the older versions, in this article I'll provide a step-by-step look at the process for finding and downloading "legacy releases" of the DotNetNuke Platform.

August 04, 2008


Recently on DotNetNuke.com I noticed that PACKT Publishing is running a contest for Overall Winner, Open Source CMS Award<./a>, Best Other Open ...
August 01, 2008

Review of BaseCamp

In the past I have completed reviews of various DotNetNuke modules, components, and skins, however, recently I have been receiving a number of e-mails with questions about how I manage my business.  Typically these questions have been from individuals that are just starting out with consulting business, or those looking for better ways to manage their pending products.  Once item that I always recommend to people is BaseCamp, a hosted project management solution provided by 37Signals.  This article will go through the features/services offered, and why I use it to manage all projects.

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