Flight Training

Share the Experience of Flight

Mastering powered flight is the perfect combination of technology and skill. That’s what has drawn Mitchel into the world of flying. When he isn’t working with his team on website and application projects, he’s spending time with his family or flying. But Mitch is also a natural teacher. He has more than 8 years of college teaching experience and is in demand as a speaker and trainer. So, it’s a natural fit to share his flying expertise too.

Mitchel with his Cirrus

Mitchel can help aspiring, or experienced, pilots throughout their time working with aviation. Anything from an initial discovery flight to see if small airplanes are for you, to training for your next rating or endorsement Mitchel can help. When you are learning and building experience flying with Mitch you will be safe, become a better pilot, and continue to grow as an aviator.

An Emphasis on Practical Flying

Mitch's Recent Flight History

Often the training environment is different than real world experiences. As a pilot, instructor, and airplane owner Mitchel has witnessed these differences and it has driven him to take a different approach to instruction. Mitchel believes strongly in the use of scenario based training to expose students to the real environments that they are going to experience when flying solo. It is one thing to fly an approach to minimums with the foggles on in a clear weather day, its another thing to do it while talking to Air Traffic Control and in actual weather conditions. Where possible Mitchel will work to create real world scenarios to get the best value our of any training. This includes flight into Class B Airports, longer cross countries, and actual Instrument flight!

Exceptional Pilot, Experienced Teacher

Certifications & Experience

  • CFI & CFII
  • Glass Cockpit Aircraft
  • Complex & Retractable Aircraft
  • High Altitude Operations
  • Experience with Cirrus, Mooney, Cessna, and more
  • International travel (Mexico/Canada)

Flight Training Available

  • Discovery Flight (Rented Aircraft)
  • Private Pilot Training
  • Complex & High Power Endorsements
  • Instrument Rating Training
  • Bi-annual Flight Reviews (BFR)
  • Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPC)

Contact Mitch Today!

Regardless of your skill level, from student pilot to instrument rated pilot, reach out to Mitch today and get a training program created today that will help you accomplish your goals whatever they may be. You can reach Mitch directly at [email protected]

Mitch primarily works with clients in the midwest, however, other locations can be arranged with notice.