October 10, 2006

FireFox Version 2.0 RC2 A Review

Today I just started using FireFox 2.0 RC2 and I have to say I am already very impressed by the added features. Like most FireFox users in the past I have resorted to various extensions to get additional functionality that has made FireFox easier for me to user. One of those extensions was "Tab Mix Plus" which was an extension of the tab functionality allowing links to be opened in new tabs instead of new windows when the target was "_blank". In version 2.0 this functionality is standard with FireFox, they have provided native support for this functionality, which was a very good thing as "Tab Mix Plus" is not compatible with version 2.0 as of today.

Aside from the advanced tab control and a nice visual upgrade my favorite change to the browser is spell checker. Yes, it will provide MS Word style spell checking for your input on any and all form fields. I have been testing this functionality and it appears to be very reliable, a great benefit for all of those times posting on message boards etc if you spell like I do!

Another added feature to the core FireFox system is Session Restore. This was another feature that was part of "Tab Mix Plus" where if FireFox is unexpectedly shutdown due to a system crash or some other reasons you will be prompted with the ability to "Restore last session" which will reopen all tabs you had and restore any form fill data that was populated just prior to the crash.

Since this application is still in Release Candidate stage it might not be at its most stable operating point yet, however I am having no difficulties running it as is, therefore I will simply use the RC until the new version comes out. Mozilla does state that you could install the RC and revert to 1.5.* without loosing any bookmarks or other important settings.

For more information on FireFox Version 2.o RC2 please view their information site http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/2.0/releasenotes/#whatsnew.

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