April 09, 2007

DotNetNuke 4.5 - A First Look

This morning I have started my review process for the newest version of DotNetNuke 4.5 as I prepare to update this site to the newest version.  Upon my inital review I am very impressed with 4.5.  We will start with the upgrade process, this went VERY smoothly just like the upgrade from 4.3.7 -> 4.4.1 that I completed early this year.  (That means my article on upgrading does still apply!). 

After updating my testing environment to 4.5 I noticed a few of the "little" features right away.  Those changes I noiticed were the overall updates to the menu item icons and the ability to "hide" the page control panel!  Being able to hide the control panel and limit yourself to a small portion of the screen being dedicated to the view/edit selector is very nice, you can get a much better idea what your pages will look like in the end.

After completing the install I thought I would play around with a couple of core modules that I use frequently to see if we could happen to get by allowing partial rendering (AJAX).  In my tests when enabling partial rendering in the forums module on a "postback" you would loose all table stylings, therefore, it is NOT supported.  However, I was able to get AJAX to work correctly for the main display page of the "Repository" module, allowing comments and ratings to be submitted via AJAX!

This is all I have as of now after a few hours of testing the newest version, more information will come soon!  Share your experiences in the comments below!!

tags: DNN, Product Review
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