June 06, 2007

Identifying Popular Links Portal Wide

After having my DNN sites up and running for almost a year I was very curious to see exactly how many clicks I had on the various tracked links.  I started to look around and was getting tired of clicking "Edit:" on each link to view the information.  So I created this simple query to quickly pull the links in the "Most clicked" order. 

This is a very primitive query that gets the module name, link, click count and last click time.  For documents loaded in the documents module you will only get the file id of the file, but it at least helps to illustrate the activity.

SELECT m.ModuleTitle, t.url, t.Clicks, t.LastClick
FROM URLTracking t
INNER JOIN Modules m
ON (t.ModuleId m.ModuleID)
WHERE t.PortalId 0
AND TrackClicks 1

You will need to edit the PortalId portion of the where clause to ensure that you reference the correct portal.

tags: DNN, SQL
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