August 23, 2007 No Longer Free

Today I recieved a very disappointing e-mail,'s services are no longer going to be free.  This was a horrible upset for me as I have been using their services for well over 1.5 years and was very happy with the service I received.  They are now going to a payment service that will cost me about $300 a year to use.  So for those of you that are currently using host-tracker be prepared to pay for their services, and if you need more than 5 URL's tracked you will be at the $300 a year mark.

Now, I know that there are a few other options and I will give you some information on them. offers a similar service and for $9.95 a month will monitor up to 5 sites, every minute and provides you with SMS alerts and even a web-service API to check your site uptime and history.  I have worked with their service a while back and it was impressive, it is a bit more then the basic host-tracker service however their extra features are great!.  Also there is this nifty alerter application that you can use with their servcie that I wrote for them a while back 

Otherwise you also have (Defunct) but I found their services to be a bit lacking.

I have a solution in the works, but I do not have a dedicated server to host the application on.  Once I can secure a hosting environment am planning on launching my own service and I will try to keep it free, otherwise the yearly fee will be under $25.  Stay tuned for more information.  If you have any recommendations/offers/suggestions where I can find a web server to host my monitoring application on the cheap please let me know!

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