August 24, 2007

Image Shrinker and File Categorizer Now Free

On Thursday August 23rd, 2007 I have in conjunction with IowaComputerGurus Inc made the Image Shrinker and File Categorizer applications available for free.  Both of these applications have previously been available for $9.99 and $14.99 respectivly.  This was done to provide helpful utilities to the users of this site.  Below is information regarding each of these products, for detailed information and for download instructions please visit the individual product pages.

Image Shrinker

This is an image resize utility that will allow you to re-size multiple images at one time to one of multiple set sizes.  The resizing methods will preserve the aspect ratios of the starting image.  Additional options exist to allow the appending of a file suffix.  For more informaiton click on "Image Shrinker" on the left under "Software"

File Categorizer

This is an application that can help you arrange your image files.  After installation you set the application to listen to a specific folder on your machine, then after each image is added it is put into a categorization queue.  You can then view this queue and assign images to the queue to a specific category.  After a category has been assigned the application will rename and move the file to a location based on the assigned category.  This can help greatly with arranging incoming digital images.  For more information click on "File Categorizer" on the left under "Software"

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