September 21, 2007

Associating DNN Accounts With Windows Live

This article is a revisit to the Windows Live authentication functionality within DotNetNuke that I discussed earlier this week.  After creating the inital linking to my site I found that I was able to setup the link properly and that users were able to go out to Windows Live, however, they were never able to successfully associate their Windows Live account to their DNN account on my website.  After much research, and a helpful post from another DNN community member I have found out how to do it.

Setup Notes

For the most part the setup instructions that I provided in the previous article is correct, however, there is one important difference.  The return URL that is specified on the Windows Live side of things MUST be a link to your Login page!  If you have this setup correctly the users will then be able to associate their account.

Account Linking

If the Windows Live Integration has been configured properly it is VERY easy for your users to associate their account.  After clicking login under the "Live Id" section of the login control they will be taken to Windows Live for login.  Then if they have not logged into your site before with this ID they will be presented with the following screen.

Windows Live Options

As you can see here the users are given the option to either associate an existing account to their Windows Live account or they are able to register for a new account.  This is the entire process, if the user enters a valid username/password combination for an existing account they will be logged into the site.  The next time they login they will be directly logged into the site!

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