September 26, 2007

DataSprings Dynamic Registration Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to review and test the Dynamic Registration Module offered by Data Springs Inc.  I have to say of the DNN modules that I have reviewed this is one of the better ones out there.  I have yet to implement this on a production site yet, but have extensively tested the module and their documentation and it passed with flying colors. 

Dynamic Registration is a module that allows you to customize registration forms in ways that are not possible with the DNN core.  The module provides a nice user interface not only for administration but for the users individual modification of their profile properties.  They even provide functionality that can allow you to map existing DotNetNuke core data items to the new Dynamic Registration data elements so if you have existing custom data it will not be lost during the migration to Dynamic Registration.  It is going to be impossible for me to go over all functionality provided by this module so I will try to cover some basic items regarding setup, documentation, etc.  For full product information please visit the Dynamic Registration page on Data Springs Inc.'s website.


Installation was a very smooth process, just with any other DotNetNuke module.  No special configuration items were needed and no errors were encountered.  I tested the installation process on DNN 4.4.1 and DNN 4.5.5.  Once the module was installed I was able to create a new page and drop it in and start working to customize my registration process.  It was at this point that I noticed one really helpful feature and that is the ability for users to change their username, that is something that can be very helpful and is a configuration option.

Although easy to use this module is also incredibly robust so I figured that aside from just playing around with it to get it properly configured that I might check out the documentation to see what all of the features are and how to configure the module.


Documentation is typically an area with DotNetNuke modules that is incredibly lacking, I personally will admit to a large lack of documentation for my own products.  On initial viewings of the Data Springs website I was thinking that I would be going down the same road as I couldn't find anything anywhere on their website, however, after following a link to I found a link to the User Guide. I am not sure why this isn't a link directly from their product page, but regardless I found the documentation.

Upon opening the documentation I was very impressed, a 129 page PDF document with step-by-step instructions walking you through each administrative action with detailed information about how, when, and why to use the feature.  For areas of the module that include configuration options a screen-capture is provided and then detailed explanations of what the setting accomplishes is provided.

Personally with a dynamically configurable module such as this one this documentation is the biggest advantage to me over any other module, not only is the module a solid product but they have taken the time to document it, so you can easily integrate the module into your business/administration processes and have all documentation needed.

Other Thoughts

Of the modules I have looked at relating to custom registration processes as well as my dealings with the DotNetNuke Core registration processes this module is a GREAT investment.  Although the price point might be a bit high for some portal administrators if you want a truly solid, 100% customizable registration and user administration process I would not recommend any other product.  Please visit the Data Springs website to view full details regarding the features of this module.

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