October 17, 2007

Future Blog Postings, roadmap to the future!

I know it has been a while since I have posted new information for my blog and I wanted to apologize for not getting this new content out there.  I have been busy preparing for OpenForce and getting things ready for the home that I am purchasing, so these last 4 weeks or so have been incredibly crazy!

Shortly after OpenForce (If not sooner) I plan to get back on top of the blog and will try to get new/updated content back out here.  Below is a listing of the articles and videos that I have planned for the near future.  If you have any requests please feel free to e-mail me or post a comment below!


  • Updated Backup DNN Article (Covering hosted solution issues)
  • Updated DNN Restore Article (Covering restores to different locations in more detail)
  • WAP Development with C#, how and where to get started
  • Compare and Contrast between the WSP and WAP development models


  • Building modules with WAP (VB.NET) - Similar to my presentation at OpenForce
  • Building modules with WAP (C#.NET)

In addition to releasing new articles and videos I will also be working to update my existing DNN modules and software products and will be looking to release two new FREE modules, below is a listing of all planned updates.


  • DNN Course Gradebook - Updates to include printable "class" grades, for all students and an ability to put "comments" with graded assignments.
  • Info Class Generator - Updates to this to rename the application and include a "Stored Procedure Creator" to allow code creation for Insert, Update, and Select SQL statements
  • NEW User Import Module - A dynamic user import module for DNN that supports CSV and XML user import
  • NEW Quiz Module - The long awaited quiz module, targeting a first release shortly after January 1

As mentioned above if you have any special requests please let me know, otherwise please stay tuned for future updates!

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