March 13, 2008

Vacation - Things to come upon my return

I will be on vacation from 3/15/2008 - 3/23/2008 with very limited access to e-mail. (Typically only for DNN Support SLA customers).  Upon my return I will be back to getting new content out here, below is a listing of things that are on my plate to create/deliver in the upcoming weeks.  If you have any suggestions/additions please share them in the comments below.

Module Updates

  • DNN Expandable Text/HTML
    • Option for "Expand All On Print"
    • Option to supply "header" text
  • DNN Categorized Documents
    • Implementation of ISearchable to allow titles/descriptions to be searchable
    • File Icon administration
    • Delete all files option
    • Summarized download reports

Visual Studio Templates

The following is a listing of the Visual Studio Templates that I plan to create and release in the near future.

  • C# Blank Module With DAL
  • C# Authentication Provider
  • C# Skin Object 


The following is a listing of all currently planned blog topics.

  • DNN Performance Settings: What, How and Why?
  • DNN Event Log: Preventing Log Bloat By Disabling UnNeeded Logging
  • DNN Friendly URLs: Creating a basic landing page

As I mentioned before please share any comments, suggestions, requests below. I will resume working on the above as soon as I return!

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