May 26, 2008

DNN 4.8.3 Is Coming Upgrading is Recommended

After all of the commotion of the PowerDNN security scare last week I wanted to take a quick moment to make a post about the upcoming 4.8.3 release.  Regardless of all of the other drama that went on with the issues reported last week by PowerDNN and the one additional item that is being addressed in 4.8.3, the only thing that matters anymore is that there were real security issues identified and fixed in the 4.8.3 release of DotNetNuke.

Given the identified security issues fixed in 4.8.3 I STRONGLY recommend that anyone with a public facing DotNetNuke site upgrade as soon as possible to ensure that your site is protected.  I will be working quickly to update installation and upgrade guides over the next 24 hours, however, for those of you looking to do the upgrade right after it is released, you may simply use the older versions of my tutorials as most of them are the same.

If anyone has questions or concerns regarding upgrading etc, please do not hesitate to post questions in my forum or to drop me an e-mail at [email protected]  I do also offer upgrade services if you would like to delegate the upgrade to an outside vendor.

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