June 30, 2008

Site Update and Announcement

Well as I'm sure that many of you can notice I have completed the upgrade to this site.  Tonights upgrades resulted in about an hour of downtime due to slow file transfer and network speeds.  However, many improvements have been made.

Upgraded to 4.8.4

A much needed upgrade was completed to the site to bring it to the most current version of DotNetNuke

Upgraded Snapsis Page Blaster

Another much needed upgrade was completed to the Snapsis Page Blaster module that resolves a cache issue that appeared with blog comments.

Installation of UrlMaster

You will notice that the URL's generated by this site are now a bit more friendly as the UrlMaster module has been installed.  If you are trying to visit pages for my free modules, most likely at this time they will redirect to the homepage.  All modules are still available they are just now available from www.iowacomputergurus.com.

Installation of New Skin

As mentioned above the site now has a much nicer skin, that is lightweight and easier to navigate.  I have to thank Vasilis Terzopoulos of ThinkOfDesign.com for the skin.  The skin features a CSS layout that has greatly reduced the page size and helped improve site loading time!

Big Announcement!!

As promised I also have a big announcement.  I have started writing a book that will be published by Wrox Press titled "Professional DotNetNuke 5 Module Development".  It is a book that will be focused on developing modules within DotNetNuke with discussions on project and Visual Studio setup, DotNetNuke integration including interfaces and web controls, and other best practices information.  I am not 100% sure on the release date yet, but we are targeting by the end of the year.  Stay tuned to this blog for more information as I finalize the book and we get firm timelines!

Please feel free to share your comments below!  As always thanks for reading and your suggestions help me keep the content on this site helpful!

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