July 30, 2008

Status Updates, What is Going On?

To those that regularly look to this site for new information I wanted to quickly make a post here with some updates on the items I am working on that are of benefit to the community.

DotNetNuke Documents Module

Yesterday I submitted version 4.1.0 of the DotNetNuke documents module to the DotNetNuke release process. Sadly it failed the release process this morning due to packaging issues. I will be resolving them tonight and will get it re-submitted. Please visit my blog on DotNetNuke.com for full information regarding the changes that were released with that version.

Professional DotNetNuke 5 Module Programming Book

To update everyone on the progress of my book in progress, I have almost 25% of the book completed, and overall it is fairly well on track to meet all deadlines. At this time I am not yet sure on a firm release date.

New Modules

I have recently posted my first module for purchase, which is a generic external authentication provider which allows connection to an external database for user authentication rather than using the internal DotNetNuke database. Both installation and source versions are available from snowcovered.

Secondly, the long awaited update on the Quiz module is here. At this time, I have 90% of the quiz engine built and am trying to work in time between other projects to get the module out there. At this time, I anticipate September 15th, as the release date for the first version of the module. This moudle will be a free module!

Upcoming Blog Articles

Lastly, I have a list of articles that will be pubished to this blog in the next few weeks as I get time to create them, below is a quick-hit listing of the items.

  • Review of BaseCamp Project Management Tool
  • Javascript and DotNetNuke, how to make it work?
  • Creating a Custom Authentication Provider
  • Friendly Modules - Multiple Views without Isolation
  • Using the DNN Objects with Other Data Providers

Each of these will be tackled when I have time, but it gives an idea of some items that are planned. As always thank you for following this blog, and if you have any comments, requests, suggestions feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

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