September 24, 2008

Major Set of Releases

Today my business sent out an e-mail to all newsletter subscribers about the most recent set of free module releases.  This is my final cross-post of this information here on the blog, if you wish to stay up to date, please visit the IowaComputerGurus Newsletters page to subscribe.

New Module Releases

The following new modules were released to the general public. As always, these modules are provided free of charge. Any donations to support future development of these modules and new module additions are appreciated.

Notify License Download Version 01.02.00

The Notify License Download module is a DotNetNuke module designed to ensure that users agree to a set of terms and conditions prior to downloading a specific document from your site. Configuration options exist inside the module to allow the specification of the download location. Standard DotNetNuke UrlTracking features are additionally supported to allow the tracking of user downloads and usage.

This module also supports full localization of all static text elements following the standard DotNetNuke localization schemes. You can see this module in action and download it for your own use on the Notify License Download Module Info Page.

Pop-N-Go Version 01.01.00

Pop-N-Go is a DotNetNuke module designed to present the user with a modal dialog window with a prompt and one or more navigation actions. Configuration options inside the module allow you to only show the pop-up window once per user based on a stored cookie, IP address or both. You may leave these restrictions turned off to be able to show the message to users at all times.

This module is great for presenting optional opt-in surveys by showing a one-time message with a "yes I'll fill it out" option or a cancel option you can get the information to the user and have minimal effect on their viewing of other site content. This module uses the ModalPopupExtender that is part of the AJAX Control Toolkit to accomplish the dialog display.

Module Updates

The following module updates were released today, detailed information and links are included in the descriptions of each update.

DNN Expandable Text/HTML Version 02.03.01

After receiving reports from users of this module that were experiencing problems with images not displaying properly we quickly created this release version which resolves ALL image link issues. This fix has been tested on parent portals, child portals, and installations using the UrlMaster module. We greatly apologize for the troubles caused by this bug introduced in version 02.03.00.

You can obtain the most recent build of this module from the DNN Expandable Text/HTML Module Info Page.

Tell-A-Friend Version 01.02.00

Earlier this week we were notified that the DNN Captcha Control which is used to prevent spam e-mails from being sent via this module is not localizable by default. To ensure full localization support two additional localization keys were added to ensure that full module translation would be possible. In addition to the localization fix an enhancement was added that auto-fills the "Your Name" and "Your E-mail" fields for authenticated users, allowing for a better user experience to help improve module usage.

You can obtain the must recent release of this module from the Tell-A-Friend Module Info Page.

DNN Guestbook Version 03.01.08

To ensure full compatibility for localization a new release of this module was completed to ensure that localization of the DNN Captcha control is possible. No other changes were made.

You can obtain the most recent release of this module from the DNN Guestbook Module Info Page.

Please remember that development for each of these modules is completed on an "As time permits" basis, if you find a module useful donations are appreciated to ensure that future development can continue for each of these modules. As always, let us know if you have any feedback regarding these modules.

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