October 20, 2008

Update from Mitchel

As we start winding down to the end of the year and the upcoming OpenForce 2008 event, I thought I would take a few moments to give everyone an update on some of the things I have in the works, and a few fun new announcements.

Announcements & Updates

The past few months have been very busy times, and for a while I disappeared from the community while trying to arrage a few things, and to get over a really bad cold that took me out of commission for over a week.  So with this hiatus, I thought I would share some updates on progress that has been made since my last update on this blog.

Product Support Website

Late last week IowaComputerGurus launched a new Product Support website.  This site was launched to create a formal roadmap and issue tracking system for the various products we provide.  Historically new feature requests were submitted via the forums and I simply kept track of the items in the works.  Well, the projects have all outgrown that process and this should help keep a solid process behind the madness.  So take this opportunity to submit your feature requests today!

Open Force 2008 Giveaways and Discounts

I am also proud to announce that not only is IowaComputerGurus an exhibitor in booth 606 but we have also provided two items to be given away at the community event that will take place during the conference.  One of these items is 10 hours of custom module development services, a $950 value!

In addition to the product giveaway items, we will be extending 10% discount coupons to attendees for use with our Technical Support plans.  We have a proven track record of providing quality, responsive, technical support for DotNetNuke site administrators and development teams and want to pass a conference discount on to attendees. (If you are not going and are still interested in the discount, send me an e-mail)

Book Update

I am also proud to announce that as of last night there are only two remaining chapters to be written for the Professional DotNetNuke 5 Module Programming book.  Those chapters should be completed by next Monday and the book will continue to move through the production process.  I hope to see a release of the book close to the current target release date.

Microsoft MVP Nomination

The last announcement comes from an e-mail that I received from Microsoft a few weeks ago.  I have received a Microsoft MVP nomination, I will find out for sure if I receive the award on January 1st.  I have to say that even receving this nomination is something that I am proud of.

Upcoming Items

Will all the above in mind, it is time to put the eyes on the future.  What is coming up, and what can you expect to see here on this site?


Well, right now I have a listing of over 20 topics that I will be writing about in the near future, but the following is a quick hit listing of items to expect in the very near future.

  • Final review of Active Forums 4.0
  • Installing DotNetNuke on Mosso's Cloud Computing Service
  • Advantages of using VS 2008 for DotNetNuke WAP Module Development
  • Fun new items in DNN 5.0
  • Why using ObjectQualifier can cause you pain?
  • How to add helpful information to the Visual Studio Debugger
  • Multi-view DNN Controls?  How to do it without Isolation


Recently a few community members have been donating time to help crate documentation for the free modules.  This has created some free time for me to focus on new releases and some much needed enhancements to existing modules.  However, the most promising upcoming item of all is the DNN Quiz module.  it has been my long promised module, and finally it will become a reality!  The module has been tested in one format, and only needs slight modifications before I can release it to the general public!


Lastly after almost a year hiatus I have secured video capture software and will start to record and publish video tutorials to go alongside the text based articles. 


As always feedback from the readers of this blog and the greater community is always appreciated.  If you have any comments, suggestions, or requests please be sure to let me know via one of the many available communication systems.

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