October 23, 2008

My Community Involvement

The other day I was reading Antonio Chagoury's blog and came across one of his recent postings "Just In Case You're Not Keeping Tabs" and it got me thinking. I just got done filling out a few forms where I needed to list my community involvement, and much like Antonio I had a hard time sitting down and really coming up with the list of everything that I do on a volunteer basis. So I though I'd do something similar to what Antonio did and post my list here. I know I'm missing items, so if you know of something I'm leaving out, let me know!

Open Source Projects

DotNetNuke Documents Module Team Lead
Creator of 12+ Open Source Modules/Applications

Community Contributions

DotNetNuke Forums Contributions
MSDN Forums Contributions
StackOverflow.com Contributions
MitchelSellers.com Forum Contributions
IowaComputerGurus.com Forum Contributions
Community-Credit Winner (2 times)

Community Memberships

Iowa .NET User Group Member
DMACC Computer Information Systems Advisory Board member
Leader of the Iowa DNN User Group (Still working..)


Author Professional DotNetNuke 5 Module Programming
13+ Articles Published at SSWUG.org
Blogger at MitchelSellers.com
Blogger at DotNetNuke.com


OpenForce 2007 - DotNetNuke Module Development with Ajax
Iowa .NET User Group - 2 presentations on DotNetNuke
Iowa Code Camp 2008 - Implementing websites with DotNetNuke, the entire solution

As I mentioned, if you know of an omission, feel free to commen below or drop me an e-mail. Or if you would like to arrange for a presentation, or have a new idea for blog articles, modules, or other items, please let me know.

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