November 06, 2008

Professional DotNetNuke 5 Module Programming Update

A while I provided an update and even asked for a bit of community input regarding the content to be included in my soon to be released book "Professional DotNetNuke 5 Module Programming".  I have to first of all thank all members of the community that provided feedback and suggestions as to what you wanted to see covered in the book.  I took all comments very seriously and did my best to ensure that the book can tailor to the needs of the greatest common denominator.

With that in mind today I reached what I consider to be a major milestone in the book writing process, the 100% submission mark.  As of this morning, the first draft of all chapters, appendix items, and code samples have been submitted.  It has been a very long process, in the works since early July if I recall correctly, but finally I can start to see a book that is going to be very helpful to the entire development community.  Now that the book's content has been defined, I thought I would share the final, at least for now, table of contents.  The following is a listing of chapters and appendix items included in the book.


  1. Introduction to DotNetNuke and Resources
  2. Creating the Development Environment
  3. Underneath the Hood of DotNetNuke
  4. Guestbook Module Requirements
  5. Starting the Module Creation Process
  6. Investigating DotNetNuke Components
  7. Creating the Module Backend
  8. Creating the Localized Module Interface
  9. Packaging, Installing, and Debugging the Module
  10. Implementing Optional DotNetNuke Interfaces
  11. DotNetNuke Scheduled Tasks
  12. DotNetNuke User Controls
  13. Module Navigation and Communication
  14. Third-Party Components and Controls
  15. DotNetNuke, Modules, Ajax, and jQuery
  16. Creating DotNetNuke SKin Objects
  17. Creating DotNetNuke Authentication Providers
  18. DotNetNuke Development Best Practices

Appendix Items

  • Community Resources
  • Additional Web.config Options
  • Distributing Your Module
  • DotNetNuke Manifest (.dnn) File Explained
  • Working with User, Tab, Portal, and Module Classes

I'll be sure to post more updates both here and on my blog when the book gets closer to release!

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