November 11, 2008

First OpenForce 2008 Update

Tom Kraak is doing a great job with Live Blogging over at, however, I thought it would be good to put a quick blog post up here about important items that I noted from both the Microsoft Keynote and the DotNetNuke keynotes that have happened this morning.

Microsoft Keynote

The morning started with a keynote address from Scott Guthrie which I believe revealed a number of awesome new things that are either available now, or coming with VS 2010.  Some people have said that these items were already announced at PDC, but I had not heard of them.  The quick summary is below.

Dynamic Data (Scaffold)

Starting with .NET 3.5 SP 1 there is a dynamic data feature that can be used with ASP.NET to create a dynamic data scaffold, similar to that of what can be done with SubSonic and other ORM tools.  Allowing for input and output items to be created by the system.  Great new item.

Charting Components for Windows and Web

They also announced that free charting components are now available, allowing 2 and 3 dimensional charting for both Windows and Web Applications.  This can be downloaded via  For those of us looking for charting functionaliy, this is an amazing product, free of charge, and from what I can tell, VERY full featured.  The download includes 200+ samples as well to get used to the process.

Markup Snippets in VS 2010

One of the big things announced with the VS 2010 demo was the ability to have snippets in the markup side of web forms, and they provided a very dramatic example of the exact time and keystroke savings, and I have to say it was AMAZING!

VS 2010 Interface Goodies

Many various VS 2010 goodies were discussed, including the ability to view two code files at once, that the new UI will be built on WPF, as well as full support for multiple monitors, actually being able to open items on other monitors!  All great additions for developers.

DotNetNuke Keynote

After the Microsoft keynote, Shaun Walker was up for the DotNetNuke Keynote.  Shaun started with a quick overview and sharing of stats regarding the progress that has been made over the past year.  Then the discussion turned to the future, and the key features and enhancements within DNN 5. 

Some of the key DNN 5.0 features that were highlighted were the use of jQuery to highlight the targeted pane when adding modules from the control panel.  The other big ticket items were the improvements in Page Management and the biggest one of all the ability to set Deny Permission and permissions on admin modules.  The discussion on DNN 5.0 ended with the announcement that DNN 5.0 RC 2 will be available for public review this afternoon, NOTE: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PRODUCTION USE!!!!!!

After the discussion of DNN 5, Exact Target discussed a specific implementation of DNN.

Lastly we came to the "powerful" moment of the keynote.  The discussion of DotNetNuke Corporations Target Areas as well as a new offering.  I'll start with the key areas, as Identified by Shaun.

First, the "Vision" of DotNetNuke Corporation is "DotNetNuke will be the most deployed. most valuable and most cost effective web application platform in the world".  After this, he identified 4 areas of focus that the corporation will work on.


When discussing the Corporations role in stweardship, Shaun identified the following key points.

  • Nuture Growth
  • Encourage and Facilitate participation
  • Staty faithful to open source ideals


  • Improve financial and business strength
  • Developing strategic partnerships
  • Grow team with smart, talented people


  • Create more opportunity for vendors
  • Increase commercial ecosystem reach
  • Support customer success by innovation


  • Improve support for business customers
  • Focus on superior product quality
  • Increase trust in company and platform

After discussing these values he progressed into "Step One" of the implementation plan for this.  Which was to re-brand the current DotNetNuke offering as "DotNetNuke Community Edition".  Then, create a new commercial offering called "DotNetNuke Professiona", which is going to benefit businesses by taking the base and adding the following.

  • Support
  • Stability
  • Security
  • Scalability

This could be done by creating a certified release, and unlimited support for that release.  Additional benefits will be coming as well, all on a yearly basis, as service by DotNetNuke corporation.  This will be made available in Q1 2009.  They say that doing this will result in more additions to the community edition.

This is all for my update for now, feel free to share feedback below!  I'll be posting more updates during the week.



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