November 29, 2008

Openforce 2008 Recap

It is amazing to think that OpenForce ended over two full weeks ago ever since returning home I have been swamped and haven't gotten around to my promised posting regarding the panel discussion that happened at the end of the session.  Although a bit late I thought I would share the notes that I made from the panel discussion on the final day of OpenForce.  The following items are not necessarily in any particular order, just the way they were scribbled into my notebook.

Improve Community Experience

The panel spent a lot of time on the fact that they have plans in the works to expand the community around the whole DotNetNuke project.  They mentioned a few items that they are going to do to try and help create the improved experience.  The items that caught my attention was the announcement of a Skinning Contest that should start around January 2009 as well as facilities to allow better collaboration and communication from the community into the core team and projects.  One key element discussed in regarding the community involvement was that a Wiki module concept is being considered to provide a better source of documentation to the general community.

Review Program and Personal/Developer Certifications

Questions during the discussion brought up the Module Review Program that currently exists and the potential for DotNetNuke to start offering a consultant and/or developer certification program.  The panel confirmed that a revamp of the Module Review Program is something that they are considering and they also noted that the potential of a certification offering is on the table.

Code Acceptance and Code Visibility Changes?

 The final key element that I got out of the panel discussion was that as part of the overall goal of providing more methods for community involvement they are considering other options for a more streamlined code acceptance process and potentially changing the visibility of the core code as it is stored in the repositories during development processes, in a method to potentially open the source even more.  Although no commitments as to what is actually planned on this front, many people were very happy to hear that this is being considered.


Overall OpenForce 2008 was a huge success, I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with many community members that I often see regularly here on my site or the forums.  DotNetNuke corporation did a great job of providing insight into the future of DotNetNuke and the many new items that will most likely be here in the future.

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