January 01, 2009

2008 Year In Review

To continue on with an idea that Will Strohl gave me yesterday with his end of the year blog entry.  I thought I would take some time and do the same here.  A bit of a "year in review" if you will of the things that I think have been notable accomplishments in 2008 as well as a few thank you's along the way.

2008 Accomplishments

To start off the following is a list of items that I consider "accomplishments" of 2008.  These are in no particular order

  • Answered over 600 questions on StackOverflow.com
  • Made over 3000 posts to the DotNetNuke Forums
  • Made over 200 posts to Microsoft Forums
  • Became Team Lead for the DotNetNuke Documents Module project
  • Gave presentations to both the Iowa .NET User Group and at Iowa Code Camp
  • Offically started the Iowa DotNetNuke User Group
  • Posted 109 blog entries to this site
  • Winner of awards from Community-Credit in three separate months
  • Received nomination for Microsoft MVP award, although was not given the award.
  • Redesigned and launched new sites for MitchelSellers.com and IowaComputerGurus
  • Increased my consulting business revenues by almost 300% when compared to 2007
  • Attained Microsoft Certified Partner status for IowaComputerGurus Inc.
  • Wrote Professional DotNetNuke Module Programming to be released early 2009
  • Completed at least 20 releases of free modules/products
  • Increased traffic to this site by 187% to almost 165,000 visits in 2008
  • many more items

I am sure that there are many more items that I missed in that list, but overall I think it is a pretty good list of items that I have managed to tackle in 2008, and 2009 has many more opportunities in store.

Thank you

I'm not even going to try to reach out thank specific individuals as I know I would end up missing but rather I want to send out an all encompassing thank you to everyone.  To my clients, readers of this blog, community members that I have shared conversations with, and to those people that push me to not only step up my involvement, but encourage me to continue improving the quality of the items that I put out.

2009 is already starting off on the right foot and I have many exciting new items planned.  Including the long overdue Quiz module, and a small vacation in March, to help recharge the energy banks!  May everyone have a happy new year!  As always share any comments below, and if there is something you would like to see from me in 2009, let me know that as well.



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