February 14, 2009

Site Upgrades and Performance Improvements

Those that frequent this site and the other sites that I operate might have noticed some periods of service interruptions over the past 2-3 days as I have been working on some infrastructure upgrades for our collections of sites.  As part of this, it was my goal to improve the "average load times" of various pages of my DotNetNue sites.  As many people will note, they have been pretty fast before, but that just wasn't good enough for me.

So, now I'm proud to say that I'm done with all of the major changes and the functionality of all sites should now be stable, I've love to get some opinions of those regular users/visitors of my sites to see if they can confirm the improvements. 

Affected Sites

http://www.mitchelsellers.com - DotNetNuke Based
http://www.iowacomputergurus.com - DotNetNuke Based Separate Installation
http://support.iowacomputergurus.com - Sort-of DNN based (Bug.net powered)


Before I started with the site optimizations earlier this week I worked on taking some benchmarks on load times for specific sites, and specific pages on those sites.  The statistics that I collected were simply load times as recorded by the FasterFox FireFox plug-in, but they would at least show me the load times for my connection.  Below is a listing of a few highlights on the statistics that I collected.

Page or Function Avg. Load Before (Sec) Avg. Load After (Sec)
IowaComputerGurus Homepage 1.124 0.537
IowaComputerGurus Login Page 1.688 0.724
MitchelSellers.com Homepage 1.702 0.412
MitchelSellers.com Blog Page 1.490 0.702
MitchelSellers.com Forums 1.003 0.384
MitchelSellers.com Login Page 1.810 0.635
Product Support Roadmap Pages 4.357 0.339


Overall, I'm quite happy with the performance improvements that I have noticed.  One key is that these numbers are all "unauthenticated traffic" numbers.  So once you login it slows down a bit, but overall, I think these are pretty respectable numbers for the types of sites running.

Share your thoughts and feedback below.

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