August 07, 2009

Development System Upgrade Vista -> Windows 7

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed my posting earlier today, well technically Thursday asking about a Windows 7 upgrade.  Well contrary to the consensus I decided to give it a shot an upgrade my primary development machine to Windows 7 Enterprise from the existing Windows Vista Enterprise x64 installation.  Before I started I finished all work that is needed until early next week, re-validated all of my new backups that were taken with Acronis and decided that I was set to go.

I was amazed at first glance when the Windows installer noted that I have a few programs that might have issues, and it recommended a few changes to ensure that I don't have any problems.  I quickly followed their recommendations and was on my way to start the upgrade.  It started out very quick, and looked like it was going to be a very fast process.  About 18% in on the unpacking files step and the installation paused, waiting for over 30 minutes, eventually restarting and continuing.

This had me concerned a bit, but there is a LOT of software installed on this machine and a lot of things for the upgrade to contend with.  The rest of the upgrade was going smoothly, two other small pauses at other points.  In the end, about 2.5 hours later I am fully booted into Windows 7 and EVERYTHING is working!

I'm incredibly impressed thus far, now I'm fully aware that something might crop up later due to taking this route, but at this point I have to say it was the smoothest upgrade ever, AND I have a fully working dev machine!

Great job Windows team!!!

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