December 16, 2009

Spell Check for DNN Module Developers

I have talked to many developers that have one common feature request that we would like to see for Visual Studio, Spell Check.  As a developer one of the most troubling things can be minor typo's in code after it has been completed.  Although simple to fix, it can be embarrassing to have a typo that goes out in a module that a client is reviewing or that you put up for sale on SnowCovered.  Well, today I got an email from Chad Nash at DataSprings, and they have a set of tools that are going to help us out on this front from a DNN module perspective.

In t he e-mail from Chad he announced two new tools for working with static text elements within DotNetNuke.  RESX Spell Check and RESX Translator. With these tools we now have two amazing support opportunites.  First with the RESX Spell Check we are given an amazing tool to validate the spelling on each of our localization files within DNN.  WIth a growing emphasis being placed on localization more and more developers are ensuring that all static content lives in the RESX files so module can be localized this works out as a great way to make sure that your spelling is up to the task.

Then, we combine this with the RESX Translator tool, which is an automatic translation service that will automatically localize content for you it is now possible for module developers to create and distribute language packs for custom modules.  Or for site administrators to create a language pack for a module that doesn't have it.

It looks like Chad has put a lot of effort into these tools and I'm looking forward to starting to try some of them out and am really looking forward to future releases!  Enjoy!

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