April 26, 2010

Creating a Custom Registration Page With DotNetNuke 5.2.3 and Later

Users that are familiar with DotNetNuke administration are most likely familiar with the old way of creating a custom registration page within a DotNetNuke portal.  It was as simple as adding a new page, putting the modules you desired on the page including the "User Account" module to get the actual registration functionality.  From there a simple change in "Site Settings" for the "User Page" and you are set to go!  Well, for those of you working with DNN 5.2.3 and later (Possibly previous 5.x versions as well, I'm not 100% sure when the change was) will find out that the module definition I mention is no longer listed?  What do you do now?

Thankfully it is still an easy process, but with the new setup you have to take a few more steps.  You still start out by adding your new custom page, but this time you add the "Users and Roles" module to the page.  As soon as you add this a total of 3 modules will be added to the page.  A Security Roles module, a Users module, and lastly a User Account module.  What you will need to do now is to just delete the Security Roles and Users modules from the page, and you now have your custom registration page.

So, in the end you do the same thing, but with the new process you have 2 additional modules that are automagically added to the page that you must delete.  DO NOT forget to remove these modules though, as you don't want just anyone having access to them.  I hope this helps those of you looking to create a custom registration page in 5.2.x and later.

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