July 13, 2010

Want a Free MSDN Ultimate Subscription?

Like other Microsoft MVPs I have been given a few MSDN Ultimate licenses that I can give away to individuals that I feel are deserving of it.  I have been arguing with myself for a while now about how to best determine who should receive the license, and have came up with a contest to give one license away to a reader of this blog.

What is up for Grabs?

Before I get to the specifics of the contest let me explain what is up for grabs. I am giving away a one (1) year MSDN Ultimate Subscription. This license is very similar to a regular subscription, however it does not contain Technical Support benefits or a MSDN Magazine subscription.

It is a great opportunity to get the development resources you need, and other software licenses to setup test machines and similar items.

The Contest

An MSDN subscription is a very helpful item for any software developer as it contains licenses to Visual Studio and test licenses for various server and client operating systems and more. As such, I want to make sure that the person that receives the license can make good use of it.

Therefore, I am taking submissions from individuals that would like to receive the license. I will pick the top individual entry that stands out. (Note: witty/funny comments are potentially given higher ratings.)

I am looking for the following items from anyone that is interested in the license. Any submission without ALL of the below, will be rejected.

  • Your Name
  • Confirmation that you DO NOT have a current MSDN subscription
  • How you would use the license to help contribute to the development community
  • Why you think I should give the license to you instead of someone else
  • Your favorite joke or comic

If you currently have a MSDN subscription, I am sorry but I will NOT consider giving this license to you. I want to give this to someone that hasn't had the benefit of having an MSDN subscription, so that they get a chance to experience the benefits.

Submission Process

Each individual wishing to be considered should e-mail the above information to me directly at [email protected] with a subject line of "I want an MSDN License". I will acknowledge all received e-mails.


The contest will run from the moment that this post is published until Wednesday 7/21/2010 at 5PM Central Daylight Time (+5 GMT)

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