March 01, 2011

DotNetNuke Going to C# - My Thoughts

Well, as I'm sure that most of you have figured out already, DotNetNuke Corporation announced yesterday that starting with Version 6.x of DotNetNuke the core will be using C# as the programming language.  This change is something that has been talked about at community events in the past and various people have shared their comments on the potential decision, and even since yesterday people have voiced their opinions on it now that the change is official.  With this post I'm going to share a few of my thoughts on this, and hopefully take a slightly different approach.

My Opinion

Overall, I personally like this decision, as everyone knows I'm a C# developer by day, and C# is my preferred language.  However, with that said, the actual language of the DotNetNuke core should not really matter to a developer, regardless of if it is C# of VB.NET.  The reason for this is that you should NOT ever be modifying the core code of DNN, with this in mind however, it can be helpful when researching issues to have the core in your desired language.  Although that is NOT something that would drive a decision in my book.  I have code bases that I am responsible for that are both VB.NET as well as the majority of items which are C#.

However, regardless of how much I like the decision for personal reasons, it isn't to be said that I take this decision lightly.  I'm invested in DotNetNuke for the long haul, but I truly believe that both DNN Corporation and the community will need to step up and take some action to ensure that this transition is smooth.

My Concerns

Overall my concerns with this come around to the process of upgrading, what kinds of risks are going to be associated with the changes needed.  There is a plethora of files that will need to be removed as well as the "default" compiler will be changed on the ASP.NET process for the application.  This could cause issues if the application was at all previously configured to work in a manner where a dependency existed on the VB.NET configuration.

I hope that the Beta and community review process will help to iron out all of the kinks right away.  With this I would say it is my call to action to not only the community as a whole as well as myself and other Core Team Members.  It will be imperative that we test the 6.0 release with a lot more rigor and scrutiny than we have in past releases, the change might seem trivial, but having gone through changes like this on smaller applications, it is something that for MYSELF to be comfortable moving to production I will need to have a lot of time testing, validating, etc.  

I'm sure that DotNetNuke corporation will handle this well, but as I blogged about previously, it is just as important for all of the community to help as well.  As I mentioned before there has already been some community feedback, the following section contains a few links.

Community Comments/Links

Your Feedback?

I am going to leave my statements at this.  In no way do I want to create a flame war, but feel free to share your feedback below!

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