March 26, 2011

Orlando Day of DotNetNuke Recap

For those of you not able to attend the Orlando Day of DotNetNuke and Orlando Code Camp events this weekend I wanted to take a few moments to post a quick bit of feedback on the event and also make those of you aware of some new presentation materials that I will be making available to the community over the next few weeks. 

Overall Event Feel

Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of attending a number of code camps, user group meetings, and other technology events.  I really have to give a salute to those of the Orlando .NET User Group and the Orlando DotNetNuke User Group.  They arranged a truly massive event with a lot of great speakers, sessions, and conversations.  With over 775 registered attendees, and over 550 actual attendees, this event is one of the largest, free, community driven events for the .NET community.

DotNetNuke Specific Items

From a DotNetNuke perspective, there were a lot of great sessions, but nothing "earth shattering" from a information perspective.  One of the key messages driven into the audience by DotNetNuke corporation employees is "Test, Participate, and Provide Feedback on DNN 6.0 CTP".  I cannot stress how important this is to the community as well, DotNetNuke corporation has committed to addressing feedback/bugs quickly upon submission.  I will be starting the review process myself very soon!  Otherwise, look for summaries from other speakers with feedback.

Presentation Materials

After presenting at a number of events and having frequent requests for my slide decks and other information I have decided to try with a few presentations to make the content available to the greater community.  Although the sides are not 100% for people that missed the presentation, you can gather some helpful information.  I'm starting this process with one of my presentations from the Day of DotNetNuke event.  You can access the information from the "Speaking Engagements" -> "Presentation Materials" page on this site.

I hope everyone that was at the event enjoyed it, and I look forward to meeting others at future events throughout the year!

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