May 17, 2011

iTunes Invalid Address Fix

For those of you that are regular readers of my blog, I know this is a bit of an "off topic" post, but after suffering through a few hours to pain, and relentless efforts testing and re-testing various solutions to get back into my iTunes account I just had to share this post.  As many of you will see if you do a quick google search for "iTunes Invalid Address" you will see a stream of complaints coming up starting about May 5th, and getting increasingly more common of the last few days.  Well this evening my iTunes account fell victim as I inadvertently clicked "Update" on iTunes to take it to the most current version.

If you are experiencing the issue you know very well what I'm talking about.  Attempting to make a purchase in iTunes or on your iPhone/iPod/iPad, or even getting a free update results in a message "Invalid address tap continue to sign in" or similar.  You check your information twice, click the button to continue and are greeted with a failure and still no updates.

Published Solutions

If you look around you will see a number of recommendations, some of them seem like good ideas, and I would start here.

  • Make sure the address you enter matches the address your credit card company has
  • Don't forget to put in you +4 zipcode, you can grab this from the USPS if needed
  • Remove - characters from your phone number
  • Try your "street" or "Avenue" with the shortened versions "st" or "Ave"

I tried all of these, multiple times and was not able to bypass the system.

How I Fixed My Account

Finally in pure frustration I put in a 100% bogus address (filling in all fields with "seemingly accurate" data) and clicked the button to continue.  Instead of getting the regular process this time I was given a error message that my information didn't match my Credit Card companies information.  I then updated to my current information, clicked to continue and have been able to resume all of my purchases and updates.

So, my recommended fix, REALLY input an invalid address, get the error, then put in your proper address.

For those of you getting the dreaded iTunes Invalid Address message, I hope this helps you out.  For those of you that are regular readers of my blog, I apologize and will resume regularly scheduled programming tomorrow after I get my Angry Birds Rio fix now that I can update my applications in iTunes!

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