July 21, 2011

DotNetNuke 6.0 and You!

As many of you might not have heard yet DotNetNuke version 06.00.00 was released last night.  You can read all about it on the Announcing DotNetNuke 6.0 page from DotNetNuke.  In this blog post I'll talk a little bit about what it this release means to you as a user in the community as well as share some insights and recommendations that I have to make the transition easier, and we will finish with information on a special offer from a known DotNetNuke Vendor.

DotNetNuke 6.0 - What's In It For Me

So, the big question for many is what do I get with DNN 6.0 that I don't already have.  Well as you look around at the information linked above from DotNetNuke corporation you will find a lot of things.  The key highlights that I have out of this release are these, in no particular order.

  • Blank site template for new installations!  No more cleaning out all of that boilerplate content on a new install, no more clearing out portal.css either!
  • UI enhancements for the entire applications
  • Snowcovered integration deploy your favorite modules straight to the site (Future blog post coming about this)
  • Performance improvements, according to initial reviews a 10-15% improvement over 5.x numbers!  (YAY!)

That is just a quick highlight of the things that I enjoy from the DotNetNuke release.  I'm working dilligently to get all of my modules, both commercial and non setup and ready for instant deployment so expect a bunch of other updates for me.

Should I Use DotNetNuke 6.0?

This question always comes up, and is something I deal with on every DotNetNuke release.  My recommendation is if you are starting a new DotNetNuke site now, Go for it!  If you are upgrading my standard recommendation applies, just like any other release be sure to test things very well before you do anything rash!  But from my reviews everything is going really well with this release.  In fact I'm looking at a potential upgrade for this site (which is still on a not to be disclosed version of DNN).

Special Hosting Offer

In addition if you have not noticed this offer already PowerDNN is offering a special DotNetNuke hosting for $60/year promotion for new account signups.  If you are looking for a new hosting provider now might be the time to get on it!

As always, share your comments below and enjoy the new DotNetNuke version.  

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