July 21, 2011

DotNetNuke 6.0 Extensions SnowCovered Integration

In my earlier blog post I mentioned that one of my favorite features of the new DotNetNuke 6.0 release is the ability to download and automatically install purchased extensions from SnowCovered within the installation.  In this posting I'll walk through the functionality as well as give my disclaimer and recommendation in regards to using this process.

Using "Purchased Extensions"

The first time you go to "Host" -> "Extensions" and select the "Purchased Extensions" tab you will see a screen similar to the following that will ask you to input store credentials. 

After clicking "Enter Store Credentials" you will be presented with the following screen, input your SnowCovered username and password.

Once your credentials have been input the "Purchased Extensions" screen will now have an option to "Fetch List of Extensions" click this button and the screen will update with a display showing all of your purchased extensions.  (Some detail removed from my screenshot)

Once now that you have this you have multiple options depending on the module developer. If an extension has a "Download" button you will be able to directly download the installation package and then update the site yourself. If a module has a "Deploy" button like the top item in my example, you can install it directly to the site. Simply click deploy, and you will be presented with this screen.

Simply click "Deploy" then click "Install Extension" and you will be taken through the regular installation process.  Once you have done that you are set to go, the module is installed and ready for your use.

My Warning

Although this feature is AMAZING from a convenience standpoint it does expose you to a bit of risk  I strongly recommend although you can install these modules on the fly your standard precautions should be taken to have a backup of the site and database should something go wrong.  Also, if you are a systems integrator or other consultant be sure to never leave your credentials set on a public site.

If you have any comments feel free to share them below.

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