January 08, 2012

2011 Year in Review and a look at 2012

Over the last few years I have been trying to keep a little bit better track of usage of the content here on MitchelSellers.com as well as just keeping track of other interactions that I have through User Groups, Open Source Projects, and the like. Each year around the end of the year I try to compile a few of these items, if not for everyone that is reading things here for myself to see how things progress year to year.

The last time I did this was back in 2010. The whole idea was started after seeing a few other bloggers do something similar.

2011 Where Did It Go?

As I was sitting down to pull things together for this post I started to release that 2011 disappeared really, really fast. Far faster than years past and it was a lot harder for me to remember exactly what had gone on in the last year.

Looking at statistics a lot was accomplished in 2011.

  • MitchelSellers.com had 348,026 Page Views in 2011 (Up 38%+ from 2010)
  • MitchelSellers.com had 203,000 Unique Visitors in 2011 (Up 15%+ from 2010)
  • MitchelSellers.com had 34 New Blog Posts in 2011 (Up 60% from 2010)
  • MitchelSellers.com's Single Most Viewed Article had 60,000 Page Views in 2011
  • Through IowaComputerGurus there were 13 releases to our Open Source DotNetNuke Modules in 2011.
  • I gave 13 presentations at user groups and conferences across the US and Canada in 2011.
  • I made 9 blog posts on DotNetNuke.com in 2011

2012 Plans for Community Involvement

As I look forward into 2012 and what I want to accomplish this year I have a number of items that will impact the direction of content on this site, as well as the open source modules and projects that I support. In 2011 I made a sizable contribution to the community through speaking engagements, blog postings, and product releases, but I know I can improve upon this. For 2012, I'm working to add blog content on a more regular basis, I have a backlog of articles that I have been meaning to publish and it is about time I get through them. In addition, I've started to revamp speaking ideas and have submitted sessions to a number of conferences this year as I would like to continue to grow my involvement.

For those of you that are user group leaders, I'm also continuing my arrangement that I have had for the past few years. I will cover travel and lodging expenses for my travel for up to 5 speaking engagements at .NET user groups. So if you are looking for a speaker on .NET or DOtNetNuke feel free to get in contact with me. It has been something that I enjoy and look forward to doing each year.

Why Did I Post This?

As I was writing this article this year, I was asking myself the true purpose of this message. And finally I've came up with the honest answer for this, it isn't to toot my own horn, but more to try and engage those of you that are reading this. The articles, presentations, and other things that I do are often directed or started by questions, requests, or other input from you. Through this blog and the content shared here my name has been shared, my articles been linked, and new ideas for improvements have been coming consistently for the last 5 years. Given this progression, at least some of the content has been helpful to those of you that are regular readers, so I thought that it would be good to show how it has progressed. Additionally I post something like this on a yearly basis to remind people that if you have ideas or needs, never hesitate to contact me!.

So as I have mentioned time and time again here on this blog.  Thank you all very much for your support!

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