February 29, 2012

Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview to Samsung Series 7 Slate

Others have blogged about this, for example Brad Wilson Blogged about using the Developer Preview that was released at BUILD last year.  I used his tutorial as a stepping point to get my install up and running. In this post I'll go through the process that I went through to get the Community Preview up and running.


As you can imagine, the following is what I experienced, I do not guarantee anything that is outlined in this post and following these instructions will be at your own risk.  I know that looking through posts from others, there are some discrepancies between my experience and others, so it is important to take note of what you experience while doing the install.

Step One - Firmware Update and Configuration

To ensure the greatest success I did update the firmware as Brad mentioned in his article.  Even though I just acquired my Slate this week it was 4 revisions behind on BIOS therefore, upgrading BEFORE the Windows 8 Install sounded like a good idea.

Once I had the most current firmware in place I updated my BIOS configuration to match that of what Brad mentioned in his article and from here I was ready to start my installation.

Step Two - Install Windows

This is one aspect of the installation process that I believe has been drastically improved since Brad's posting.  I executed the install on the Slate using nothing but the slate itself, no keyboard or mouse.  During the install every step of the way I had a touch keyboard and it worked flawlessly to navigate through the setup.  All in all, it took a little less than 9 minutes for the entire install to complete and for the first boot into Windows 8!

NOTE: Don't forget that you need to have your Install Key available as you go through the installation.  I had to boot my laptop to get access to the key that I needed.

Step Three - Validate Install/Drivers

Once the machine was installed I ran windows update right away, there were already 6 updates that it needed to install that were specific for the Consumer Preview.  After this I started to review the devices installed via the Control Panel.  Amazingly all but two devices were identified.  This is where things started to get a bit tricky!

As Brad mentioned I tried using the Samsung software manager and even running in Windows 7 Compatibility mode I was not as successful as he was.  17 minutes of trying to let it run and I finally gave up and started to go about this differently.

I started to look through the listing of Device Drivers available from Samsung and looked for any of them that might not be included in the list of hardware.  The first one I identified was the STMicroelectronics Accelorometer.  I was able to run the installer for this driver and it removed the device from the unknown devices, however, it still shows up as "This device is not working properly because windows cannot load the drivers required."  No matter what I do, I have not been able to handle this one.

The other device was the Intel Chipset and after installing I have no unknown devices and the system appears to be functioning without issue. 

Next Steps and Thoughts

Amazingly this is one of the fastest, easiest installs of Windows that I have ever done.  After the bootable drive was done until the last driver install was complete was just a little over 20-25 minutes.  Something not even close to possible with Windows 7 or any other release. 

At first glance there are a lot of new things in Windows 8 that are truly amazing.  I'll most likely be blogging more about some of these items over the next few weeks.  Feel free to share your experiences below.  If you have a Samsung Slate and know more about the driver issues I've experienced I'd appreciate any advice!

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