October 30, 2012

DotNetNuke World Review and MVP

So first of all, I'll admit I'm a bit late to the game here getting this post put together, as DotNetNuke World was almost three weeks ago.  Sadly combined with two major site launches, some travel and other things the blog just hasn't gotten the attention that it deserved.  But better late than never I thought so here it goes!

DotNetNuke World Sessions

Sadly due to all of my connections at the event, and the various side-conversations that I ended up having I did not get to attend as many of the sessions myself as I wanted to.  However, the consensus from everyone that I talked to and from the sessions that I did attend there was a lot of great content.  We are at the forefront of yet another set of massive improvements to the DotNetNuke framework with Version 7.0 and you could truly feel the energy, the passion, the love of the platform everywhere you looked!  

It was a truly great thing.  Although the event was shorter than some of the other events that I like to attend.  (Such as Microsoft's BUILD conference that I'm at now, or DevConnetions where the pre-DotNetNuke World events were held.) I didn't feel that too much was lost with the length of the event.  I personally would love to have an additional day or two, but that could just be that every DNN event is like a major homecoming every time!

The Social Experience

Where DotNetNuke World truly excels in my opinion is with the focus that is placed on the social gatherings.  Most of the conferences are really starting to invest in these networking/social events in the evenings.  Not only do they keep people occupied while traveling, I think they really end up making up some of the best parts of the conferences in general.  You get to meet people from all different sectors and all different mindsets and hear about how they leverage DotNetNuke, what they love, what they don't etc. 

After going to a few of these events, they almost become like family re-unions catching up with everyone that you haven't seen since the last DotNetNuke event!  I think this collaboration and networking will continue to be a vital part of the event and really shows the strength of the community behind the DotNetNuke Platform.

DotNetNuke MVP


One new thing at the event this year was the announcement of 10 DotNetNuke Most Valuable People.  I was one of the lucky ten that were given the award.  It is very humbling to receive an award like this in which the community nominated the recipients.  I love the platform and try to give back as much as I can.  Due to some changes with my business these last few months I haven't been able to give back quite as much as I would like, but I'm making some changes to continue to be true to the MVP label.  If you look at all ten MVP's that were awarded that night you can see where some of us get our passions to keep the evangelism going and to support the platform!

So I just have to say again thank you to the individual(s) that nominated me!

Additionally as we get closer to 2013 I thought I would also make sure to put my standard offer out here.  If you are the leader of a .NET or DotNetNuke user group and are looking for a speaker, reach out to me.  I budget money to cover travel for 4-6 user group trips each year and would love to speak to you group.  Regardless I can't wait until next year's DotNetNuke World!

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