April 19, 2013

Southern Fried DNN 2013 Presentation Materials

Last week I was a trainer and a speaker at the Southern Fried DotNetNuke event that was held in Charlotte, NC.  This event was fantastic with a day of optional training on Friday and a series of sessions on Saturday in the format of a regular Code Camp event.  As I promised the attendees of my sessions I would be posting information and assets from these presentations here on this blog.  This posting is an overall aggregate with information on the two sessions and training, future blog postings will expand on the information contained within.

Training Example Module

As part of the training session on Friday a module was built that consumed a third-party web service and displayed information within a DotNetNuke portal.  This module also had social integration tying into the messaging system to send notifications to the users.  At the tail end of the training I also incorporated the DotNetNuke 7.0 form design patterns.

The full source for this module can be downloaded here.  This is a Visual Studio 2012 C# project, this code is for SAMPLE only and is not designated as 100% production ready.

Getting Started with DotNetNuke 7.0 and WebAPI

This session was focused on how DotNetNuke 7.x module development is completed.  Code samples from this session were taken from the default template that is available from Chris Hammond.

I've previously posted a blog with the session materials for this presentation.

If you have specific questions about the content from this presentation please let me know.

Building Enterprise Solutions with DotNetNuke

This session was a discussion around how to build "Enterprise" solutions within the DotNetNuke platform.  I spent some time defining Enterprise as any solution that is larger than one single module, a solution that needs to integrate multiple pieces.

Below are the slides from this presentation.

At this time there are not any sample projects to go along with this, but there will be follow-on blog posts that will share some of this information and structure.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions feel free to share them below.


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